athroom mumbling something. I couldn't hear it. "I heard it!" I said beeg movies aloud and made a gesture to chase him. He quickly dashed into the bathroom and slammed shut the door. After a while, I heard the shower turned on. I sighed happily. I always considered myself a very lucky guy. I came out to my parents after my high school graduation and they were very receptive beeeg about the news. My father even talked to me about all those safe sex hocus pocus. I beeg gesetz came out to my two brothers before I headed to college. Matt, the eldest wasn't very pleased with the news but he didn't say anything negative. I wasn't really close to him anyway. Then my second brother, Ron. He was site beeg.com beeg amazing and very supportive. I later found out that one of his friend was also gay and they were still best friend. mom beeg He even brought me to a gay bee bar and beeg hindi tried to hook me up with his friend. beeg-com He was just so cool. I met xnxx beeg Sean through another friend of mine during my freshman year. We were in this party organized by the gay and lesbian support group of the college when I saw him for the first time. He was one of the organizers and was busily socializing with others. I was reluctant to be there in the first place but my friend said that I needed a break. Ironically, I just bee broke up with my boyfriend from my senior year beeq.com of high school before I went to this www beeg college. He went to a different one at beeg sex video other беег part of the country and after much tears and hugs, we decided that long distance relationship was beeg milf not for us. I was pretty upset and frustrated. Lisa was there to comfort me all the time. I still thought beeg coom of him a lot and I was beginning to regret my decision to break up with him. Maybe the idea of a long distance relationship was not that beeq.com bad. I sat at a corner and watched other people weaving around in the dance floor. My mind went blank and I just zoned out. Suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned up my head and what greeted me were the most gorgeous blue eyes and a heart-melting smile. "Hi, I am Sean. Alone?" he asked. Oh, he talked to me! Think, Chad, think! "Hi, Chad. Yeah." I answered. beeg porn videos We felt into silence after the very brief introduction. beegs I felt awkward. I beeg anal couldn't think of anything to break the ice. This cute guy came to talk to me and all teen beeg I could do was kept my mouth shut. Oh good, Chad. You were destined to be alone for the rest of your life. "I was wondering......," we said in unison and broke into giggles. "You first," I said after calming down. beeg moms "Ok, I was wondering if you like www beeg.com to go out and chat. This place seems rather stuffy with all these people dancing around," he stuttered a bit. I thought he looked nervous. He later told me that he was free beeg really desperate to ask me out but he thought I wouldn't be interested. "But I thought you were the host of this party. Aren't beegxx you going to help around?" "Nah, my assistants can do their work without me. Let's go," he finished his drink in a gulp and stood up and gestured me to follow him. He walked toward tube beeg the entrance and I could see that other people were looking our direction hd beeg and gave us appreciative glances. Surely Sean was a really gorgeous teen beeg guy. He must have a beeg moms lot of guys hitting on him and a guy probably wouldn't be interested in me. We went outside and sat on the curb. We didn't talk beeg xx for a few seconds and then the conversation just flowed out. We talked and talked until the party was over. He helped around a bit but he asked me to wait for him. Since the next day was Saturday, I'd wait for him and got to know him a little bit more, I hoped. He invited me back to his dorm room and said that his roommate had gone out of town. If I'd like to sleep over, it's ok. By the time we decided to hit the sack, it's already 3 in the morning and we were like old buddies that beeq.com hadn't seen each other for a long time. I knew what you're beeg porn gonna think. No, we hadn't had sex. I slept on his roommate's bed and we had lunch together the next day. We dated several times and we finally had sex on our sixth date. It was purely terrific. We fell in love eventually and moved out together with another two friends of ours including Lisa during our sophomore year. We rented an apartment near to the campus so that we could sometimes walk to school together. This was the fifth month since we moved into this apartment. I dressed when Sean was still in the shower. He usually took about 20 minutes to groom himself. I stood in front of the mirror and appreciated what beeg beeg I beeg come see. Stood at just an inch short of 6 feet, with brown hair and hazel eyes, people thought that I was quite good looking. I was a former swimmer with the merit of 2 times state championship and I think I really looked stunning porn beeg with beeg hd my swimmer built. Sean was also a swimmer but he swim for fun rather beeg jepang for competition. He was about 5'11. beeg jepang He was lean and beeg ass muscular. We went to the gym sometimes to work up a good sweat. Usually after that, we beeg hot would make love. We'd either wait beeg.c till we got home or we would risk being caught while having sex in the empty shower room. But usually the excitement of being caught prevailed. Sean had a tough time when he was a teenager. He had an .beeg older sister. They were very close and she was the first person that Sean came out to. Their father left them when Sean was still a baby. He left them for a guy and beeg beeg that made Sean's mother hated homosexual. But basically she hated his beeg mom husband. His mother had to raise them by taking two jobs at the same time. It was site beeg.com beeg difficult. During high school, Sean accidentally came out to his best friend by kissing him. He trusted his friend and received beeg massage too many beeg come false signals from him. His friend hit him and told his to almost everyone in the beeg mature school. After that, Sean high school life was like a living hell. He was bullied and harassed all the time. Every night, he cried himself to sleep. He tried to commit suicide once but luckily his sister found him before too late and I thanked her for that or I wouldn't have a wonderful boyfriend now. It was also at that time Sean told his sister about his beegxxx secret and beeg anal troubles. His sister supported beeg anal him and tried to convince his mother to transfer him to another school. They kept the secret from his mother and eventually beeg teen his mother believed anal beeg their makeup story. Sean was transfer to another school. He was a friendly person and his charming personality won beeg.coom him some new friends. He never got too close with these friends for fear that they might end up like last time. He managed to find someone like him and together they supported each other until they graduated and went to college. In the kitchen, Joey was seeping his coffee by the counter and his attention was focused on a piece of news in the local papers. I poured myself a cup and sat beside him. He turned his attention to me and I could beeg.con see a hint of smile formed at the corner of his mouth. "What's up in the paper?" I asked while trying to change the subject beeg lesbian he desperately wanted to bring up. "Oh, it's nothing. So, you and Sean had a great time last night," it was more of a statement than a question. I could practically see his evil mind churning to think of his next sentence. "The beeg tubes weather is clear today," beeg videos беег I still tried to change the subject. "Come on, man. Don't change the subject," he almost whined. "You promised me two weeks ago that I can borrow your car on this weekend. I really need it, man. I indian beeg want to take Kevin out for a ride www.beeg com and you don't want to spoil the that, do you?" "All right, a promise's a promise. You can take it but please take good care of my baby, ok?" This time was my wwwbeeg turn to whine. Kevin was Joey newest infatuation and apparently he wanted to impress him. Besides b eeg Sean, sex beeg my beegcom '92 Camero was like another baby to me. My parents gave it to me on my highschool graduation. It's not that I was selfish or something but Joey could be so careless sometimes and he was the worst driver I have ever seen. I tried to convince myself that I should trust him beeg porche but I still worried. "I will. Chill, man. indian beeg Besides Sean always beeg..com give you rides and if this will put you at ease, I'll just let Kevin drive your car." "Whatever," I sighed. Sean walked out of the room dressed to kill. He beeh smiled at me and it just made my heart melt again. "What are you two free beeg talking about?" he asked and perched himself on the stool across from me. "About Chad's promise to borrow his car to me," beeg com Joey beeg. beat me in answering Sean. "Oh," he said with a smirk. He looked really cute. beeg xxx "Hey, where's Cliff? I didn't see his porno beeg car on the driveway when b eeg we came back last night." "He didn't come back last night?" tube beeg Joey mused. beeg-com "You are asking me? Do you know where he beeg x is?" Sean turned to me. "He told me the other night that he would be beegporn back www.beeg to his hometown for a few days. There seems to be some problems with his https //beeg.com family, but nothing too serious. I think he said his grandmother fell down from the stairs and was admitted to the hospital. He was in such a hurry that he hadn't beeg.com had sex beeg time to tell you all," I explained. "I hope everything is ok," Sean said. "Hey, we better hurry, it's beeg.coom almost nine beeg vids thirty. I think we need to drive in order to make it in time." "Yeah. Bye, Joey, see you at the cafeteria at lunch," I said gathering my jacket and bag beeg..com and made my way out the door. The trip to the school was brief. After parking his car, Sean went directly to his class while I lingered a beeg .com bit. My class was at the same building as Sean's but mine begin at anal beeg 10. The morning went uneventfully. When we walked into the student hall cafeteria, we saw a bunch of students surrounding the bulletin board while talking among each other. Joey was among them. Apparently they were beeeg looking at something either fascinating or horrible. We walked toward the beeg sexxn crowd and squeezed our www beeg.com way to stand beside Joey. "What's going on? Why is everyone suddenly so fascinated about the decoration of the beeg porno bulletin beeg video board?" I beeg porn videos mocked. "Look for yourself, man. Those two photos were beeg free something, I tell you," Joey said without turning beeg porche his head. I saw Sean also looking at the board intently. beeg teen I switched my focus sex beeg to the board and what I saw next made me gasp. ...To be continued Date: Sun, beag.com 11 Feb 2001 11:46:35 +0800 From: DaFunk Subject: Eden Part 2 This story contains graphic descriptions of sexual beeg tube acts between men. If the subject xnxx beeg of man/man sex offends you, if this material is illegal in your place of residence, or if you are under the legal age for such material, do not read further! You have been warned! Read at your own risk! This story was mainly about three individual involved in a twisted homicide, so the sex will be slow in coming. If you are looking for a quick jerk off, please proceed elsewhere. I am sure there were plenty of stories in the Nifty beeg sex that will cater to your needs. This story is totally fiction. Any resemblance to any individual, alive or dead, is merely coincidental. Now on with the story. Eden, Part 2 There were two photos on the board. The two figures in the two photos were of the same people, one of a man in his late twenties and a girl in her early twenties. They were holding hand in beeg lesbian the photos. The man was looking at the direction of the camera but the girl was looking else where, obviously unaware of the presence of a camera. The guy's face beeg gesetz was ashen indicated that he knew someone had taken their picture. Their background was the exit of a cheap scale motel in a run-down area of the town frequented beeg com. by hookers and their customers. What shocked me the most was I know these two persons. The guy was the newly hired teaching assistant of my faculty, beeg 18 Jason Writts. The girl was my classmate, Cheryl Forshe. We shared the same class this morning. I didn't see her in the class and the reason was pretty obvious. They were caught red handed www.beeg while patronizing a motel milf beeg as their rendezvous and obviously somebody tried to play a beeg prank on them by taking their photos. What even worst was the pranster probably circulate the photos around the campus. I heard someone whispered in my ear, "This is so cool." I turned toward to the source beeg sex of voice and there stood Lisa Hammond, my best friend since high school. She beeg video was also the first person beside my family that I came out to who happened to www.beeg..com had a crush on my boyfriend eons ago. Sean, www beeg com Lisa and beeg movies I knew Cheryl pretty well. We were a tight clique during our freshman year but eventually Cheryl estranged from our group and beeg hindi went her separate way. We still greeted each other in beegporn the campus but we were not as close as before. Now only Lisa talked to beeg hd her regularly. "You think this beegs is cool?" I inquired. Someone from the student hall management office approached the bulletin board xnxx beeg and beeg ass took the photos down. The crowd dispersed into different direction. Sean and Joey turned to us and we walked slowly to a corner table. We sat down and Lisa was the first one to comment. "Yeah, I know Cheryl and I think she must has her reason to be with anal beeg that guy," Lisa said matter-of-factly. "Look who's talking? As if you are the only one beeg hairy who know her," Joey quipped. "But who took the pictures?" Sean interrupted. He frowned at his own thought. I knew something was on www.beeg com his mind. I'd have beeg black to ask him later. "I wonder what old man Crudele will do? He is a pretty conservative old fart who always follow the books." Joey said. He was reprimanded by Mr. Crudele, the dean of my faculty for a minor misconduct and I think he still had grudges against him. "We'll know soon enough," Lisa said it before I could voice my opinion. "Aren't you all hungry? I am starving. Let's get something to eat and forget about this," I groaned. At this moment, two girls beeg porche passed beeg hd by our table and I overheard one of them said to her friend something about suspension. I quickly stood up and asked the girl about it. She heard someone said that the faculty board had decided to suspend Cheryl beeg massage Forshe from school and take disciplinary action against beeg milf Jason Writts. beeg hairy You beeeg begg have to know that this college had many unwritten laws. One of the beeh rules was that student and teacher could beeg movies not porn beeg have any kind of relationship. It might seem natural in other college but not this one. The reason for this rule to exist was to milf beeg prevent any complication that might arise if the family of the student interferes in the relationship and also to avoid any responsibility for the college. When I heard this, the first thing that crossed my mind was how I must help Cheryl. Before I could put my thought into action, I heard some shifting beside me. I turned toward the source and saw Lisa beeg massage standing up and mom beeg was about to leave the table. Joey looked rather beeg 4k nonchalant while Sean frowned at me. "Where're you going?" I managed to ask her before she ran out of the cafeteria. "I am going to the dean office," she said beeg poto before disappeared through the entrance. "Hey, wait for me!" I shouted and beeg videos motioned Sean to follow me. I quickened my pace to follow her and didn't know if Sean understood my meaning. When I reached the office, Lisa was indian beeg arguing with the secretary. She was fast. "I want to see Mr. Crudele now. beeg sex What do you mean he is busy?" Lisa www.beeg.com demanded. "He is having a meeting with some guests. You have to come back again later. I can't promise you how long the meeting will take," explained the secretary beeg 4k patiently. "This is urgent and I am going in now whether he is busy or not." Ignoring the protestation from the secretary, Lisa beeg .com pushed open the door to the dean's inner office. beeg xnxx I tried to grab her but was too late. beeg com. I followed her inside and tried all my best to salvage any damage that might occur. "So we have decided then that Ms Forshe should be suspended for the next semester.... what are you doing here? You are not supposed to be in here. I am free porn beeg having a meeting beeg porn here," inquired the miffed Mr Crudele. Everyone's attention turned to Lisa and without any hesitation, she blurted out her motive rather than explained. I just stood there dumbfounded. This was going too far. We might get suspended too. Oh Christ!! We should discuss the matter before proceeding here. Sometimes I thought Lisa was too impetuous. "Who are beeg. com you?" a woman in her early forties asked indignantly and then looked at me. I cringed at her stare. She seemed like a rather important person because I thought I saw Mr Crudele shaking his head slightly beeg moms when beeg hot she made her query as if there was an impending trouble. "I am Lisa Hammond. wwwbeeg I am Cheryl's friend. Please give her a chance to explain herself. This is beeg x very unfair to her and I think she and Mr Writts really love each other. Besides, there is nothing wrong with two people in love. It makes perfect sense to me...." she was interrupted before she could finish. "Shut up! Who do think you are? Student and teacher aren't supposed to have that xxxbeeg kind of relationship. It is wrong to even think of it. I think it must be that girl who seduced the teacher. Girls nowadays are willing to do anything to get what they want. In this case, it's pretty obvious that Cheryl want to pass the final. I heard she has a beeg xvideos way with the men," she finished www beeg com her speech with a sneer. The way she beeg mom talked about them made you think that as beeg come if their relationship was contemptuous and disdainful. "But...." "Enough! A decision has been made and it's final. The beeg porno meeting's over," said Mr Crudele not letting Lisa any chance to finish her statement. She wasn't through beeg porno and made a futile effort beeg mature to get their attention. I grabbed her arms and dragged her out of the office. People were milling out of the small office. Mr Crudele and that woman were the last one out. They basically ignored us when they passed by us in the hallway. Lisa turned to me and beeg mp4 I thought I beegxx saw fire in her eyes. "Why didn't you help me to explain? You just stand there like a goddamned Ming dynasty vase. You make me look like a beegporn fool," Lisa spat out. "I don't know what to do. We should have discussed it first before coming here. I think they won't change even if we beg them and who's begg that woman?" porno beeg I asked hopefully to try to distract her a bit before she started punching me. "Your effort, beeg. no matter what, will be useless. With this kind of people, we need to employ a different tactic." Sean was leaning against the wall outside the office with a grin plastered on mom beeg his face. Joey beeg sexxn just shrugged his shoulders. "Then what beeg mp4 tactic should we employ, Mr Know All," Lisa beegcom scoffed. "I think it's pay beeg/ back time," Sean said confidently. I wished I know what Sean was thinking. xxxbeeg XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Later that night, I found myself outside a rather classy motel on the beeg free outskirt of town. Sean was carrying a Polaroid with him. He explained to me what to expect on the way there. His intuition told him that he would catch Mr Crudele and that woman, whose name was Joanna Huhee, in this motel doing God knows what. He suspected that Mr Crudele was having an affair with this woman. He was right. We saw Mr Crudele's Mercedes in the beeg xx parking lot. The next thing we porn beeg needed was the room number which they were in. Sean went into the office and asked me to beeg tube keep my eyes open tube beeg on anything suspicious. After about 10 minutes, he walked out with a www beeg.com shit eating grin that told me he had gotten what he beeg/ intended. "They are in room 105 at the left beeg com side of beeg black the main building. beeg beeg Let's go," he www beeg com whispered and gestured beeg xnxx me to follow him. beeg hairy xxx beeg "Now, just be patient and wait here." We waited behind a car directly in front of the room. We made small talk begg while we waited. We even made a romance out www.beeg of this wait by stealing kisses from each other. I was awfully hard beeg.coom from our intimacy and swore to myself that I was going ravaged him before the night ended. After about an hour of torture, they appeared at the doorway of room 105, poked their beeg coom heads out the door would be a more appropriate way to describe beeg.con them. They looked around and after making sure that there's no one around. They walked out of the room. Sean told me beeg sexxx that now was the good time to act. We rushed out from our hiding place and the sudden movement beeg.com caught their attention. They turned to our direction. Sean aimed his Polaroid at his target and quickly snapped beeg.c at them. "What the hell...," Mr Crudele grunted at the sudden flash light. When they realized what happened, their looks were www.beeg.com priceless. They were being caught red handed like someone did on Cheryl and Jason. They beeg indian were panicked. When they saw us, they immediately knew who we were or rather who I was. "How was your date, Mr Crudele?" Sean drawled while waving two beeg free photos at them. "H-H-How did you know w-w-we were here?" Mr Crudele stuttered. The woman was mumbling something and she looked really pale. "I found this on you when you passed by me beeg.c this afternoon," he said while getting something out from his jacket pocket. I leaned in closer to look. They were a matchbox which bore the motel's name and some discount voucher issued by the motel. "My guess was you have the habit to go to the same motel. So we stood sentry out here," he said with a laugh. "You stole them?" I whispered in his ear. He nodded slightly. "How?" "I'll explained when we go back," he turned slightly and as quickly as he turned to beeg.com/ me, he turned back to his target. "Now, now, what should we do about these photos? I think sending www.beeg com them to the chancellery department seems like an appealing idea or maybe make a number of copies and spread them in the campus," he scratched his chin in an exaggerated way. "You are trying to blackmail me?" Mr Crudele exclaimed. "You know this is a www.beeg..com federal crime and I can charge you beeg sexxn with that. You beeg may go to jail." I could feel that he was trying desperately to turn the table on us. beeg sexxx I was a little worried and I thought Sean was too. A look on his face convinced me that he was totally unfazed by Mr Crudele's threat. "Apparently so and I also know the consequence. Either you can called the police and have us arrested. xxx beeg Then these pictures will then reach the media and tabloids. What do you think what's gonna happen. Your reputation and your career as well will be ruined. Or you can do what I say and I promise these pictures won't ever see the daylight," Sean said so eloquently. The words flowed out of his mouth beeg.com like he had practiced beegxxx the beeg 18 speech before. I was totally amazed by this side of my boyfriend. I never thought Sean was capable of sabotaging a seemingly controlled situation. beeg.com/ "What?" both of them said in unison. "Ok, what do you want? Money or result?" demanded Mr Crudele falteringly. "Well, I want you to do me a favor," my man grinned. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX We were silent on beeg teen the way back. I have a lot to ask him but I'd rather not distract him while he's driving. Joey was still watching the sport https //beeg.com channel when we walked into the living room. We made small talk for a while but Sean totally avoided beeg vids the incident in the motel. On the beeg sex video other hand, Joey had no idea we were on a mission beeg hindi when we told him we went to visit a relative in town. As soon as our door closed, I pounded on Sean. He told me his plan and how he knewthat Mr Crudele was in that motel, basically everything I wanted to know free porn beeg while we undressed. "You still remember my Uncle Jacob? He was a magician and he taught me some trick when I was around seven. That trick proved to be useful for tonight plan," he said while casually shucked beeh off his jean. The way he did it made him looked so beeg sex video tasty. I had to concentrate on beeg poto what he was saying. "How did you do it?" I asked. "Well, I just took it from his coat pocket. That trick was more like a pickpocket trick. You know what I mean?" "I know but don't you think is kinda risky? beeg ass I mean what if he caught you while you were trying to do that? And you didn't even worry that beeg. he might actually call the cops." I queried. "Nah, I never worry. I have perfected the skill for many years already. I am a professional now," I could detect a hint of smile in his voice though his face void of any emotion. By now, we were www beeg fully beeg xvideos undressed except each of us still had our boxers on. I could see that he was semi hard already. "I still have one more question?" I protested slightly as he drew me into his strong arms. "Enough beeg black say. Why don't we just celebrate a little here," he grinned lasciviously and squeezed my beegs beeg . butt. "Celebrate?" "That we had helped beeg indian Cheryl." With that, he pressed his lips on beeg tubes mine. I parted my mouth and our tongues beegcom duel. The mindblowing kiss beeg xnxx had made all those inquiries flew hd beeg out the window. We flopped down the bed with me on top of him. We kissed passionately while our hands caressed each other body. My hand pushed into his boxer and found his hard cock. He was leaking beag.com like a faucet already. I nipped lightly at his earlobe. I kissed his eyes and his nose. I trailed along his jaw line and then I move to his defined chest. I sucked on his right nipple till it's hard and I did the same to the other one. He beeg . moaned out while putting his hands on my head as a sign of encouraging me to go on. While my mouth continued to move southward, my hands grasped on beeg xxx his waistband and in a fluid motion, his boxer was at the far corner of the room. I took his cock in my mouth and I heard a small gasp escaped him. I moved up and down his rigid pole and just savored the very taste of him. I used my tongue to tease the beeg/ underside of his head. I .beeg knew this was his weakest point no doubt. Within minutes, he gently pushed my shoulders and whispered hoarsely, "I am near and I don't want it to end beeg vids just yet." I pulled off his cock and we resumed our beeg. com kissing. Along the way, I had taken off my boxer and was grinding my hard cock with his. Our juices mingled together. After a while, he whispered that he wanted me to fuck him. I kissed him lightly and leaned www.beeg.com across to take the lube and condom from beeg tube the beeg jepang nightstand drawer. He helped me to roll the plastic down my achingly hard cock. I lubed up my cock and his love tunnel. I positioned myself with both his legs on my shoulders. This was his favorite position